The greatest business opportunity of our time
Every now and then, maybe twice or three times in a lifetime, an opportunity comes along that has the potential to change your life in a pivotal way. They are usually to do with fundamental changes in the technological landscape, or political, social, and economic framework of our lives. For instance, to give a specific examples, something as concrete as the microwave oven, something no one had, became a universal appliance that everyone has. If you are forty years old, if you stop to think about it, you can remember a time when you did not have a mobile phone, but if you are younger than that a mobile phone and permanent connectivity is something you have always had. Computers is the same paradigm-shifting product. And the Internet even more so.

Did you make a fortune on microwave ovens, mobile phones, computers or the Internet?

If you didn't, you know exactly what we are driving at here. And if you did, you understand even more so.

In our time, the number one business opportunity in the world is not the web, it is web 2.0.

Web 2.0 and Social Networking
According to Microsoft we have passed a significant watershed: now for the first time people are spending more time online than they spend watching television. For the younger generation this is self-evident, and for the older folks something that is hard to get our heads around. The fundamental shift in how the web is driving business is this: at first it was largely about creating a network that was a meaningful communication platform; then it became about driving traffic, SEO(search engine optimisation) and getting eyeballs on websites; but the trend now is in how people on the web are connecting to each other and how in that process they are largely creating the content of the web. Social Networking Communities, well deservedly, is recognised by analysts and pundits as a force of change that is literally unimaginable in its scope.

Unaico is giving you the opportunity to be part of this revolution and capitalise on it directly -- to make money on a certain world-changing trend.

How would it work for you is our Social Networking Community platform. In the first instance you would join as a member of Site-Talk and enjoy the networking, communication and sharing opportunities built into our state of the art platform de-signed by award-winning developers.

Over time you would recommend it to friends and family, people you know today and people in the future you don't know yet. Over time, though the geometric progression inherent in how networks work, with a few people finding a few people who in turn find a few, you will build up a vast network of people, the majority of which you wouldn't even know. As products and services are made available to to the dozens, hundreds and thousands of people in your SiteTalk net-work, sales would be generated and on this sales-volume commissions would be calculated... and given to you as a thanks for bringing these members to our community.

Sounds too simple?
Consider this: Facebook after four years has 400 million members. In four years! How did every single one of them join? Because someone recommended it. Word of mouth in the 21st century...

What sort of opportunity "range" is there here?

The majority of members of Unaico will, ultimately, just be social members enjoying the benefits of using the platform. The commission plan for the ones that opt into the opportunity might "just" qualify them for purchases of occasional goods or services -- free bonus items or gifts, call them what you will, but a free insurance, debit card, hotel stay or nutritional supplement is a nice way for us to say, "Thank you for recommending our community."

Others will see that what was at first a surprise bonus, turned into a trickle, and then grew into a steady stream of sup-plemental income. And just with a little bit of maintenance this supplemental income could grow, changing someone'sbreak-even budget into a real lifestyle changer. The difference between having a holiday this year or not, between taking your wife out for dinner this week or not, between having an old car or a new one.

Of course, in a community that numbers millions of members, literally thousands will approach the Unaico opportunity in a serious manner, and put in significant effort to earn a significant primary income. And finally, there will be the few that approach it totally differently --they will see that opportunities like Unaico only come along once or twice in a lifetime. These people will commit and will make Unaico the vehicle with which to fulfill their dreams. We anticipate that we will create more millionaires than any other company in Direct Selling hasdone; we believe that we will give dot-com millionaire numbers a run for the money.

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(For Business Partner to see the ROADMAP how one can upgrade!)

Explanation DIRECT Committees:

  • All people who sign up via your referral link SiteTalk ( username up with username obviously enter your own username) and upgrade to business partner, you are considered first-level business partners. You will receive 10% Instant Commissions on each business partner on your first level, eg if someone of your referrals buys a gold package then you immediately earn € 200, =.
  • A Gold package is for 2000 BV points, a Bronze package for BV 500 points and a Membership Pack for 149 BV points. BV points are equal to U.S. $ 's.

NOTE: ALL of earnings is always up to 25% Mandatory Account , which can be used to buy new OFC `s (formerly called" Share options ") or to products or services spending by the company offered
Direct Commissions are visible in the same "Your Earnings Account" (Menu "Your Account" )


Explanation NETWORK Committees:

  • Login to with your username and password to access your Unaico Back office to go. Via the menu "Genealogy" tab"Your Tree Network" you can view the situation from your personal account seen. The blue zeskantjes SiteTalk Members are free and / or Business Partners who have purchased a package. You can continue the organization (in depth) view when you click through to relevant persons.

  • Every Friday we check what network resources of that week, this is based on the BV points (1 BV 1 Euro) in both your left in your Right Team and Team are met. 10% of the points in your weakest team is then paid and the new situation for the coming week is made.

Example: You're the week ended with 3000 points left and right points 5000 . Income payments to Network that week € 300, = (10% of 3000 points). The new situation that will be on your left and right is 0 points to 2000 points. So the points that you paid will go back to 0 and is also the same number of points deducted from your strongest team (in this example from 5000 to 3000 = 2000 for right when you start to new week).

Scoring: A Gold package is for 2000 BV points, a Bronze package for BV 500 points and a Membership Pack for 149 BV points. ALL items in your Left or Right Team are realized added to your week so the total points of your downline first level, second level business partners, etc., .... AND ALL BV points achieved by the total number SiteTalk Members in your organization (!) .
All the points remain valid for 3 months so within that time, you should always see that you have received a payout both Left and Right.These are over 12 weekly cycles so that should not be a problem.
It is therefore important to seek two equal teams and your automatic placement system to adapt to the situation of the moment.


Example: You are left at a point at 35000 points, but such right is left with 5000 points. Network your income will be € 500, = that week.(New situation 0 30000 points Links and Right). You'll automatically positioning system (seen from inside of you) want to be right there to get new business partners.
Via the menu "Genealogy" tab "Network Placement Sponsorship" you can make changes from left to right (or vice versa). Always check that your username is entered, check the ball to left or right and click the button "Enter Network Placement" (and then also on the confirmation).


Note: In the picture below is still the old name "Binary" show, which is now replaced by "Network".

As a Member / Business Partner once placed can not be reversed automatically placement so check your system is always good, relative to the situation of the moment.
There is a limit to the network income someone can earn per week. For a Membership Pack (a € 149, = package) is € 500, = per week, for someone with a Bronze package is € 2,500 per week and for someone with a Gold package is € 12.500, = per week .


Explanation MATCHING BONUS: 
  • Matching Bonus to earn up to 7 levels `s depending on the number of Business Partners that you've logged. The rates on these levels Cars can also be found in the Compensation Plan (menu "News and Support" tab "Download Support Files" ).
  • Besides the number of registered private business partners is also important that you both left and on right at least own a registered Business Partner (Gold or Bronze) must have standing to qualify for matching bonus.
  • On the Matching Bonus a person can earn is no limit! Indeed, the Matching Bonus on time can mean a higher merit than the network income (!)
  • Say you have a total of 10 Business Partners (Gold or Bronze) registers across Left and Right, then you're qualified for the Matching Bonus on level 7 `s , see right column of the picture. All these 10 Business Partners will count towards your first level and you'll earn a percentage of what they earn weekly total NETWORK REVENUES , in this case 3%. Do you have 30 business partners and so you have enrolled 30 people are on your first level and 30 people you 3% on merits.
  • All Business Partners that 30 people will sign up will count towards your second level , you earn about 2% . All Business Partners who are enrolled by your second-line business partners will count towards your third level which you 5% earn, etc.
  • No matter where one stands in the Network Tree, the level 7 `s to do with who have registered for and which of them are also business partners sign.
  • It is clear that duplication of this is of paramount importance, more Business Partners helps you succeed the better your Matching Bonus will be or will be!
  • It is also important to maximize the active Business Partners, go get your first level, ie your registered business partners, go for at least 10 so you've laid the foundation to level 7 `s to earn Matching Bonus!

Structure Construction:

  • The purchase of one (Gold) package is the best investment a man can do given the huge returns (including the OFC `s may increase substantially in value) that here it is. But equally important is that you can start building your structure and weekly earnings will be generating.
  • The more business partners in your organization that you will duplicate the higher course your weekly commissions as described above in the various revenue models.
  • Most importantly, however, that by now your structure to build a very strong foundation will get a foundation that the next two years tens of thousands if not millions of free SiteTalk Members are subject to "hang". This all thanks to "word of mouth" advertising from the site Members talk among themselves who will invite each other (refer to facebook) and 5% earn on their own affiliate site members talk!
  • Each Business Partner with a Gold or Bronze package will also receive a number AdClicks . Due to massive online and offline ad campaigns of the company will talk free site members in the file to come, people AdClicks It will also (in stages) free Members see added to their total, so this is a bonus.
  • SiteTalk Members will soon in many ways to spend money on their own account. Think of an Internal Webshop, Education, Investment, Gaming, Entertainment and many other things.
  •  All these activities or expenditures are also converted to BV Points!
  • You can imagine what a huge stream of weekly points this means for both your right and your left team if you are doing NOW to build your structure knowing that you each week 10% (of your weakest team) to get Income Network (!)
SiteTalk will address all aspects of what the surfer today occupies:

    * A Social Platform that facebook will surpass!
    * A Catalog with the latest gadgets, quality at a very competitive price.
    * Gaming, Casino, Sports Betting, Poker - Cases where people spend money on.
    * Cheap travel books.
    * Courses and training over the Oxford program.
    * SiteTalk Mobile.
    * SiteTalk Healthcare.
    * The I-Investors Club.
    * Etc..
Under an example of SiteTalk Catalog , see that all products including BV (Business Volume) is granteed!

  • So the same will happen with all other parts SiteTalk .... It's your Ltd `s bring both Left and Right, Ltd `s weekly earnings on which you'll have!
  • The maximum pay-out to network income is, as stated in a Gold Package € 12.500, = per week and that you have been at least 125,000 points in your weakest Leg. This amount of time you will surely go out when you're just starting to build your structure and ensures the duplication deeper level in your `s!
  • The Matching Bonus is mentioned even a bit higher to fail ..!
  • Site Talk focuses on the entire Internet market worldwide and even to business partners anywhere in the world start with a package and start building their organization.
  • SiteTalk platform "in the coming years, building up the next time intensive structure, take people back to online meetings and online meetings or organize them yourself through your sponsor or upline.
  • We are all in a TOP position and any Business Partner, this year the max out of network revenue gain by now to build the structure.Using the Internet, the power of the Unaico / SiteTalk Concept, the sheer size of this market and the fact that people now co OFC Shareholder be super strong makes it all .... Now build your organization and you will soon see the return of!

What, a free member can expect to earn... 

  • On in between every friday and saturday morning at 4 a:m for one instant ,company shut down the server and count your whole week performance if on your left and right site if one one person remain active throughout the week mean that they at least once in whole week login the sitetalk and also has completed profile on both sites then you have one pair completed.

  • Company then gives one business volume shares that is 1/10 of the one euro. So if let us suppose you have 500-500 left right active member in your team whether they are direct referel or indirect referel then 50 euro will be transferred in your accounts.Then if in next week your team increases 200-200 active member more in your left and right legs then on next calculation time company counts your whole team including last 500 too but the condition is how many your active member in this week and then transferred balance in your account.

  • When you have 149 euro in your account then you have option to buy thora card that is like Atm card ,through which you can withdraw your balance earnings at any time.If you don’t want to buy card you can withdraw even one euro through your senior team members by transferring amount on their account and get cash from them.

  • But if you update your sitetalk membership by buying 149 euro card you get the following benefits: 1. you can withdraw your weekend incentive on every monday by atm machine ,company displays your earnings in your your online account and you may withdraw it on coming monday. Also if you have card then if in your team any one updates you get 10 percent of that card payment of your direct referel and 5 percent of your indirect referel. Indirect referel mean the team of your direct referel.

  • And from you may see your team by going to Geneology. Also you check your account status. 2.Your second important work is to fill your profile on . For this , go to scissors showing on left side of your page of account on sitetalk ,click on it and fill your detail . Also fill your form on too.Ur profile must be complete at least 51% for becoming active member. 

  • When at starting you open account in site talk it is written 3% on left side but when you update it ,a new percentage comes. 3. When you refer it to other to join with your user name you will send you link as and then he will enter through you. Your User name you set in your filling sitetalk form while registering on it.when you refer to any one he will go to your right side leg of your team and your automatically one leg of left will be filled by all uper team coming.   
  • However you may change setting by going to What is Genealogy: Go to and open your account then from there you may see your direct referel and your team by going to heading Genealogy, click on your network tree , you may also see your personal site talk members where you can see their emails and co-ordinate too for promoting more.

What is the timing and why is it so powerful?

The timing is phenomenal. Everyone is getting online. Everyone online is going to be a member of multiple communities.

Consider that using an online community at the centre of the business model gives you a number of benefits in Direct Selling terms: like never before can you have a fast friction-free method to add people to your business; you have no geographical limits to how you can expand your business Globally; you have built in to the business an automatic communication, coordination and training platform; you have a thing you are promoting that everyone is interested in, as social communities and web 2.0 is what everyone is talking about now; and finally, in terms of duplicatable process and helping new people get started and getting early success, the one thing that people have to do to be successful is what they join a social community to do -- get their friends to join the programme to enjoy a free and life-enhancing service.

What support will you get from our TEAM

* Training.
* Free back office.
* Promotional tools.
* Company sponsored events.
* Industry-leading recruitment materials.
* Car programme for qualified distributors.
* The best compensation plan in the industry. Probably.
* Motivational incentives, like trips to exotic tropical paradise destinations.
* A whole team of people, both in corporate and in your upline network, 100% dedicated to your success.

What skills do you need?

* Everything else is included in the Unaico opportunity.

How would I get started?

* Decide.
* Speak to the person who invited you.
* Read the materials in the relevant sections of the website.
* Go to a live training.
* Invite people to join SiteTalk. They will be automatically be positioned in your downline. And as they invite people, so will your organisation grow.

>>>You are at a right place at a right time, Take Positive Action and save passive income for the rest of your life.